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11 November, 2012

This is an Important Anouncement!

I don't watch adverts, I have said this before, but I do see them.
What do I mean , well when I am at my gym slogging away on the treadmill they refuse to fast forward the ads on the screens so I can't avoid them.
Most recently there has been an increase of the " THERE NOW FOLLOWS AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT"
I remember when I was a kid if that caption was on the screen it mean someone important had died or we had declared war. These days it means nothing so interesting, now it means "here comes an advert for a company you don't need"
It's is usually for blasted PPIs, which if you we're daft enough to fall for its your own fault, and is there anyone in the country who is actually stupid enough to believe there will be an important announcement in every break during deal or no deal? No need to answer that, the existence of that program proves there must be.
Since these scum companies have taken over the Important Anouncement field if there ever is anything important to alert the nation to we will all miss it, assuming its PPIs we will remain slogging along on the treadmill or making a cup of tea before Noel Edmunds returns with another set of people prepared to pretend they see any point in his TV quiz.

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