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07 May, 2010

Now GET OUT Gordon, and other points from the news.

So there we have it, well over 2 million less people voted for Gordon than David but he still stands outside No.10 and says he is the Prime Minister.
As he would say LOOK (I hate the way he uses look to try and be-little people) LOOK 77% of the country didn't vote for you so GO!
What do we have to do to get rid of him, physically carry him out, let me know when and Ill lend a hand.

The sheer arrogance of the bloke who has not only never been elected in but now that he has been elected out he still thinks he can stay. Send in the removal team now, lets be shot of this tw-t. What makes it worse is that the party who got the least votes is now virtually deciding who will be prime minister.

OK enough of that, plenty of other people are fuming over this best I move on.

Something completely different
Off the coast of America an oil rig has exploded, everyone seems to have forgotten that 11 people died in the explosion but that aside there is one ironic outcome from the disaster.

Before I give you that it is worth putting my comment in context with some of those by Americans.
So far they have come up with ; " We have the boot firmly on the throat of BP and we don't intend to remove it any time soon" , "Lets just hope the tide changes and the oil washes up all over the beaches of the UK" , and best so far "how would they feel if we put cyanide in the drinking supply of the UK" .
Cheers guys, someone remind me why we are allies with that lot.

So anyway, although no one would wish to see harm caused to the wildlife you have to smile when having invaded and terrorised so many places in the world to take their oil they now have it washing up on their beaches.

Strange how oil industry pollution only matters to them when they can see it.

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