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16 May, 2010

And another thing!

We we sitting, no were we were sat, oh whatever, we were eating lunch yesterday, home made bread, cheeses the usual kind of thing when I noticed the best before date on the Extra slowly matured cheddar cheese, 11 June 2010, which begs the question , how does the cheese know its finished slowly maturing and to start going off?
And another thing, how come this cheese can mature extra slowly yet when I open it I should use it within 3 days, and the fact that most of my large blocks of cheddar are usually open for a good couple of weeks before they are finished makes me wonder who though they should be used in 3 days.

It will amaze some to learn that cars have horns or to give them their correct name audible warning devices. I say it will amaze them because I bet some people have never used them for their correct use. These much misused devices are intended to allow drivers to warn others to ther presence on the road yet it seems that the lad next door thinks it is to say goodbye every time he drives off. Why is that, whatever is the point and he certainly isn't the only one doing it. And another thing, why is the dork a few roads away allowed to drive around sounding his musical air horns time after time and what does he think he is achieving. Doesn't he know its the same as having a sunvisor sticker saying "I'm a complete tosser"

Finally, I thought I would share with everyone that I can now play the piano. Yes that's right, I started learning 6 weeks ago but I can now tell people I can play it.
How do I reason this, that's simple, you see although I am not very good yet I liken it to when I see a totally terrible driver, if I asked them can you drive they will no doubt say "yes I can drive" they won't say yes but I am not very good. So if anyone should ever ask can I play piano the answer is yes.

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