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17 October, 2007

Oi Fatty- Have Another Burger!

Oi Fatty have another burger, no really please do, its OK its not your fault that you look like an elephant from behind.
I have just been reading the report published saying that fat people, "hey it's not your fault", you can't help it. It says that because our bodies are designed to store fat that the 21st century is making people fat. One "expert" says it amazing anyone stays slim. You can't help it you don't have any exercise to do and you simply must have more cakes and chocolates because the shop makes you, its just modern life.
Oh come on! It's dinner time and the fat person wants something to eat, um lets see, a nice salad, tuna, some tomatoes and a slice of wholemeal bread, or, a huge burger dripping in fat and extra large chips followed by some more chips. That will the the chips then won't it fatty. But hey its not your fault, the report says so, its just the way society is, so go on get an arse bigger than the average sofa and make people feel sick as you waddle along the street because your legs are too huge to walk like a human. It's OK.
Well actually its not OK, it is your fault you fat gits out there, stop eating badly, do some exercise and stop making the rest of us feel ill every time we have to suffer the sight of you.
And if anyone is offended by the tone of this blog, its not my fault, it's society made me like this.

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