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11 October, 2007

Essex Police - It just gets better and better!

Some time ago I wrote about how Essex Police are really losing it and since then I have still not heard a good word for them but this one takes it to the limit.
I have changed the addresses but it goes something like this:-
Two pensioners are sitting in their house late one evening and there is a knock at the door number 35 Wotsit Road.
The gentleman goes to the door to find a uniformed member of Essex Police there.
"Ello Ello Ello" , OK I might have made that bit up "Can you tell me where 35 Yourlost Avenue is ?"
Um what the blinkin hell are they on. For a start its completely obvious that 35 Wotsit Road is nowhere near Yourlost Avenue and why the ###### don't Essex Police have maps so they don't have to disturb elderly people to ask directions.
Maybe being lost also explains why after a call at 3am to people damaging property the only thing they did was send 2 PCSOs at 10am the following day to look at the destruction caused.
Now didn't they do well!

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