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10 May, 2007

Very Important News

Sorry for the silence on the blog but I can at last tell you when I shall be telling you when I will be posting the next blog informing you when I shall be posting next. I know that everyone is waiting for this information.
As you all know I will be posting another blog entry soon and it is important for you to trust me on that and to trust that when the time is right I will tell you when I will post it.
So for the moment I hope that you will see it is best that you let me get on with the business of working out what to post here and not to keep wondering when I will post it.
When the time is right and posting an entry will not cause you to lose sight of the importance of my blog I will post and you can trust me on that.
So for the moment don't ask me any questions regarding my next post but wait for me to excite you with the information when I feel it is right to post.
Regards all
Tony B --- I mean Chris

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