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21 March, 2013

Spaz Mobiles - Revisited

There was a time when if you googled  Spaz Mobile this blog came up as the first entry, but sadly things have changed and now it is nowhere to be seen.

The increasing number of these darn machines never stops. We have them blocking the roads at 4mph and trying to kill us in the supermarkets because they selected 8mps by mistake. I was beeped at in Sainsburys the other morning by a woman in her Spaz Mobile, because she thought I was taking too long looking for something I assume. I so nearly stuck a wedge of stilton behind her wheels or a roll of tin foil over her battery terminals.
There is something else about these machines that no one seems to realise, they are making people ill, I don't just mean when they crash or people fall out of them either.
Consider this; before the introduction of the spaz mobile the old and infirm would be seen struggling up the roads on sticks or walking frames, shuffling through the shops and dragging their wheeled trollies home again, puffing and panting as they struggled to get about. A trip to the shops would take all morning and by the time they had packed the PG tips into the pantry they were knackered.

Oh that's terrible I hear you cry, but before you decide I am an evil person ( I am but lets pass over that here) consider the world of the Spaz Mobile users. They shuffle from the power assisted arm chair into the Spaz Mobile and there they sit as they hit the streets to rain terror and cracked ankles upon the rest of us. The only part of granny getting any exercise is the wrist as they open it up to full throttle. This also applies to the ever increasing number of obese people who are using the darn things.

They may help people get about, they definitely cause chaos on the roads and in the supermarket and unless someone can prove otherwise I suggest they are reducing the amount of exercise their users are getting even if they used to struggle to take the exercise.
Lack of exercise for the old or obese can't be a good thing, now can it.

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