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11 July, 2009

Thank God for scientists!

There are times that I read something and wonder why on earth they need to do that. This week was one of those times.

With all the problems in the world, the illness that needs to be cured, the CO2 to be cut and the planet to be saved, scientists have done the equivalent of finding a way to make clover for my lawn in a lab. They have, presumably, spent millions of pounds on this man made breakthrough and can now solve a very real problem.

The problem, like the lack of weeds in my lawn, does not exist but they have taken delight in telling the world that they have produces artificial sperm in the lab. (I think that is the first time I have ever typed "sperm")

This breakthrough is wrong on so many levels. Why do these clever people feel the need to play God in this matter. Is there actually a shortage of sperm that requires it to be made in a lab.

I have the Monty Python song in my head now "every sperm is sacred" rejoicing in the the fact that a certain religion does not waste it, but there are a few hundred million other men enjoying themselves not caring about waste I am sure.

I don't understand the science but they seem to need a human embryo to produce the artificial sperm, Um, doesn't that mean they need sperm in the first place.

Of course there could be another explanation how sperm came to be on the scientists bench, think Clinton and Lewinsky.

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