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14 June, 2009

Points From The News

Gordon Brown goes on, and on, and on.......

It is a strange world at the moment, one country is building nuclear bombs another is starving, one country has been invaded to boot out their dictator and then there is the UK and Gordon Brown.
Last week millions of people voted and showed that they think that Gordon could not manage the local Spar, yet this week the one eyed Scottish idiot is still there. What is more he has appointed Alan Sugar to advice the government. Sugar a man who made his money being a bully and walking all over anyone who got in his way. In other words a man exactly like Gordon.
Gordon has also appointed Mandleson to the government, but hold on isn't this guy a crook and someone who has not been elected to government by anyone in England, in other words a man exactly like Gordon.

Lets poison the water supply

There is a little known plan by some in government to poison all our water supply. Its is not even illegal but they want to make it illegal for water companies not to add the poison. That's just crazy you may think, I agree.

The plan is to put fluoride in all drinking water, fluoride the poison that if drunk can cause all kinds of serious problems. The reason for doing this is to help the teeth of children from poor families. Well that's OK then, lets poison 60million people to look after a few who can not be bothered to brush their teeth.

In some areas they already add fluoride, in one such area before they started adding it they held a survey in which 74% of 10,000 people said they didn't want it.

Oh well that's democracy for you.

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