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02 March, 2008

Anti-depressants Don't Work

We are in trouble this week, research has found that anti-depressants don't work and if that is not depressing enough there is another Labour Party conference. Just the time when about 50% of the nation need an anti-depressant.

Anti-depressants could never work, they are based on a misconception that by popping a drug, which makes chemicals in the brain do strange things, you are going to go dancing about saying how wonderful the world is, when the real problem is that something in your life has depressed the hell out of you and popping the drugs has not done diddly squat about that.

These drugs are less effective than a large glass of whiskey twice a day but are probably far more dangerous. The reason that so many people are on them is that Doctors are told they work by large companies who make fantastically huge sums of money selling them.

There is always the chance that the doctor telling you "hey these will make you feel better" might actually cheer you up, its called the placebo effect, but the actual drugs do nothing but leave the taker in a fuzzy world.

But hang on you say, there is a whole load of research (by the manufacturers) saying that these drugs do work.
Yes and there is also a conference centre full of the Labour Party politicians this week telling us how they are making the country a better place, I suppose you expect me to believe them too.

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